"Ghost Spirit" 
Yeah, I know......redundant title. 

6 1/2" D x 8" tall

Mulberry, dowels, leather. 

Early 1990s.  The piece was originally turned and hollowed to about 3/4" thick.  After laying out the fin, the rest of the piece was routed down close to the final thickness of 1/8".  Rasping and sanding finished off the outside, at which point it was cut in two and the fins were finished.  It took me all day one day to calculate and lay out the pattern for punching the holes in the leather.  Since the leather closes off the top of the piece, people have a tendency to stick their fingers in and feel around.  I have been tempted to install a mouse trap in a strategic location, but have not done so because I suspect the piece might be slung away violently when the trap snapped!!







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