"Ye Olde Grecian Urn"


The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) has a policy of only allowing 3 pieces to be exhibited at the instant galleries at each of their symposiums.  At one point this policy irked me.  So much so that I was determined to violate the policy (in an acceptable manner), which led to this piece.  Of course, we all know that in historic Roman times the words 'Ye Olde Grecian Urn' would not have been known or used in all of Rome or its territories, but I can be cheek in jowl can't I?  Each piece is made from a different wood, with a very few duplicates.  And they are all glued down, so theoretically it is one piece!!  Anyway, if you counted them as individuals, I had 10% of the pieces in the instant gallery.  Take that, AAW!!

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